House Buyers of America is one of the largest buyers of homes in America. And we buy your house As-Is. Period. No matter your situation, no matter how much repairs it needs, if you want to get your house sold, let House Buyers of America’s team of professionals buy your house fast and efficiently. With a process that is focused on getting you out of your home as quickly as possible, getting you an all-cash offer and liquidating your home, we ensure you get what you need; a quick sale, in cash for your house As Is.

The Benefits of House Buyers

Being able to sell your house fast does not seem possible to most home owners. You look at traditional real estate sales and many only see an endless process that can take months or even up to a year. When House Buyers of America buys your home the process is quick and efficient and much quicker than a traditional sale. Here are the reasons why the process is painless and fast.

Sell Your House As Is, We Buy Houses As Is!

Have you run into problems where you cannot sell your house because it has too many things that need to be repaired? Whether you have a leaky basement, poor landscaping, unfinished renovations, repairs needed such as a new roof, painting or brick pointing, House Buyers of America will buy your house. We buy houses As Is, literally, in any condition. It could be labelled condemned and we would still buy it.

Do Not Worry About Repairs

House Buyers of America has an expert construction team. As a company that buys a large volume of homes in the DC, Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA) area we are able to repair or renovate your old-styled or dilapidated home for about half of what the average home owner could do, because of our economies of scale. With our expert architects and construction crews you never have to worry about making a repair or renovation before the sale again. With an in-house construction team, we are able to repair homes at around 50%-60% less cost than what typical homeowner would pay, so you can sell us your house As Is and avoid the cost and hassle of doing the renovations on your own.

Uninhabitable? No Problem

Condemned homes present a serious problem for many people to sell. Without the availability of traditional financing, you may not be able to get your home sold. Have House Buyers of America buy your home for cash; whether you have a mold infestation, overrun by pests or a structurally unsound home, it can still be sold to House Buyers of America.

Cash Offers

One of the biggest reasons why we can buy houses so quickly is that House Buyers of America is highly capitalized and can offer you quick cash for your house. If your house needs major repairs, then we will buy it for cash and do the needed repairs ourselves. Selling your house, no longer has to be contingent on waiting for the buyer to get financing or contingent on the sale of the buyer’s home. With a cash offer from House Buyers of America you get the cash you need and the equity out of your home as quickly as possible.

Streamlined Paperwork

With a full office staff committed to buying houses, House Buyers provides a trained team of experts to ensure the process is painless and efficient. From a cash offer within 10 minutes of speaking with you, you are offered a guaranteed sale.

No Commission

Selling a messy and old home that requires a lot of repair can take a lot of time and cost in addition to the 6% real estate commission. With House Buyers of America, we charge no fees for our part of the process. With no fees or commissions from House Buyers, you can sell your house to us and retain more of the value of your equity for a quick sale.

Selling Your Home for Any Other Reason

Those that cannot wait for the traditional real estate sale include a number of situations that can lead to you simply wanting to get equity from your home now. With House Buyers of America, we buy your house, you sell your house; everyone wins.

Career Relocation

Has your company relocated you again? In a job that moves or transfers locations every few years, House Buyers of America has become a great alternative. Why wait months for a traditional sale, trying to make a deal long distance and not sure whether you are getting the best deal? With House Buyers of America, you can liquidate your home quickly and get equity you need immediately to start looking for a new home in your new location.

Messy Divorce

Not always do relationships end with the partners separating their assets amicably. In a messy divorce where assets are contested and the home is a major barrier to the divorce, sometimes the best option is to simply liquidate the equity and split the profits equally in as short amount of time as possible. As the single largest asset in most marriages, it removes the most contentious issue within weeks instead of months, helping you get on with your divorce and your life. With emotions running high during this time period, a quick sale is important and helps you remove yourself from having to deal with your partner. Forget about renovating, finding a REALTOR or dealing with open houses; get cash now for your home.

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